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Hi Flowergirl,

The research concluded for ARB's is that they may prevent strokes and kidney failure similar to Ace Inhibitors, but they do nothing (or possibly harm)for heart protection. ALTACE, CAPOTEN, ACEON and most other ACE's decrease mortality and MI's by as much as 30%. (a dramatic reduction) ARB's were slightly worse than placebo and worse or equal to Calcium Blockersockers for MI protection. Considering that Calcium Blockers (amlodipine and almost all other "dihydropyridines" according to the articles)
have only helped lower blood pressure and Angina type pain without much mortality benefit, for ARB's to compare so poorly with Calcium blockers
tells you someting is very wrong.

NOTE: MICARDIS (Telmisartan) is showing (from their last large trial called ONTARGET that they are equal to RAMIPRIL) Am I sure about this??? and BENICAR and several others have really not been researched at all compared to the others and have no other indication other than HBP. I believe if a pill
is effective it should be tested in a larger numbers of patients.

I think the patents on many ARB's will be expiring soon, and a new drug is necessary for profit. The idea of an ARB with new properties and added benefits, may make many re-gain confidence with ARB'S. This new pill appears to be IRBESARTAN (AVAPRO) with added properties. If the ARB class really proves to be disastrous for cardio-protection, the addition of these special endothelial properties may not carry much weight. I believe many of the existing ARB's already share both the same and different properties which may prove effective and differentiate some from the others. In research studies BENICAR was found to have some ACE properties, improved endothelial function, reversed arterial plaque and reduced CRP and fibrinogen.
MICARDIS shared some of these same benefits, and improved glucose/insulin.
Will these 2 pills be the exception from the rest of the class?? Only more research will tell. According to most medical journals and research, only diuretics (the most studied) appear to effectively lower BP, improve heart failure, eliminate fluid retention, prevent weight gain and prevent strokes and MI. Maybe I should get rid of all my meds and ask my doctor for a prescription of INDAPAMIDE or some other diuretic, which costs about $12.00
a month, versus $400.00 for the newer designer BP meds which may not be helping us at all...