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Been away from the boards for awhile as I've been doing pretty well. Have checked back occasionally and have seen so many new faces (ok, new names). Sorry you have to be here!

I went away for a business trip this week and developed severe edema. My legs are completely bloated and feel like they could burst. Could barely get my ring off last night. Also, walking through the airport last night I got out of breath VERY quickly! I know when I was first diagnosed I had issues with getting winded easily but that it went away. Also, my BP was elevated today so I took a Benicar HCT as it is supposed to help my BP and also has a diuretic (OK per my doc, was on this a while back when having BP spikes and was told to take one if I do have any other BP spikes). I'm also feeling very lightheaded and I really could not tell you if I was before the Benicar HCT or not.

I am a month overdue for my thyroid check and do have an appt with my doc tomorrow. I'm just wondering if you all think this is thyroid related? I woke up thinking I was in congestive heart failure before realizing maybe my thyroid levels are off.

I did not drink nearly enough water on my business trip and had salty foods so initially I thought that was the cause of the bloat, but I know I am way too bloated for that to be the case. I beleive it is non-pitting, as I can poke myself with my finger and it does not leave the imprint. Also forgot to take my thyroid meds on and empty stomach 3 days ago so I took them right after I ate breakfast. I did not think one day would throw me off course. And super stressed right now, don't know what effect that could have.

Please share your experiences with water retention.