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The Dr. gave me samples of Benicar today and told me to cut them in half since I'm so sensitive to side effects. I hope that one will have less unbearable side effects for me than Lisinopril. I'll be seeing the Dr. again in 2 months. I hope you guys are doing well today. ;) Sue
Good luck, I have been taking BENICAR HCT 40/25 for almost two years and it has worked well for me. I have no noticeable side effects and my numbers average 110-70.
I'll be interested in how you make out on Benicar. I've been taking it for a year and it seems to control my BP better than ACE's but I've got joint pain like never before. The problem is at 61 I can't tell if the aches and pains are age or medication related.
Hi brutus: I only took Benicar for 2 days and got the same side effects from it that Lisinopril gave me: constant feeling of skin being on fire from head to toe, tingling from head to toe, bad depression. I stopped taking it. Right now, I'm not taking any RX meds for blood pressure. I'm working on my stress level and exercising more, trying to eat better. I take my bp at home and my readings have been pretty good lately. My Dr. doesn't know yet that I stopped taking it. He knows my problem is white coat hypertension, yet still felt the need to prescribe bp meds. for me. So many bp meds. have joint pain as a side effect, but I'm 58 and have all kinds of aches and pains too. Hope your pain isn't from the Benicar.:)
I had a problem with alcohol abuse most of my adult life. I still have the occasional beer (or 12) but I feel so miserable for days after, I've pretty much given up alcohol. My issue is coffee now. I probably drink 12-14 cups a day. Too much caffeine, cream and lots of sugar. The coffee makes me hungry, I eat more fast food, more coffee, more food, on it goes. I've I.D.ed the problem, but with no motivation to modify my habits on it goes. Yesterday I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in a store window. "What an ugly fat slob I am". The last couple of days I've cut Benicar from 40 to 20 mgs. a day. Today I quit coffee. My poor financial planning means I 'm gonna have to work till I drop. If that's the case I've got to start feeling better.