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Hi Mabent,

Personally I believe, that amlodopine is definitely not one of the better pills.
Calcium Blockers in general have not been proven to provide any mortality benefits at all. Certain calcium blockers were actually cited for causing an increase of over 25% in heart attacks (and no benefit in strokes). I will take my chances to always try and stay away from them. My brother in laws ankles are always swollen while taking amlodopine. How can this be a good pill?? The oldest and best known pills which have also been highly effective for over 35 years are diuretics and beta blockers. BYSTOLIC is one of the newest beta blockers and may one day prove to be just as effective as the other more well known researched beta blockers like TOPROL and COREG. I think it is fair to give a pill at least 2 to 3 months. For the past week or so I am giving TOPROL a try once again (BRAND of course) because I believe I was also substituted with the generic junk a couple of years ago while I was taking METOPROLOL and then TOPROL. In the beginning TOPROL was fine. I had great blood pressure numbers, I felt less anxiety, a relaxed heart rate, and eliminated my PAC's and PVC's. My doctor than added ALTACE for better blood pressure control, and my TOPROL XL tablet changed to generic and that's when side effects increased. I dropped the TOPROL and took only ALTACE which continued to give me side effects like dizziness, cough etc. I was then switched to COZAAR which gave me an almost daily tickle in my throat, was then switched to DIOVAN (which was not controlling my blood pressure) I was then swithced to BENICAR which gave me excellent blood pressure numbers, but I also started suffering from gastro-issues, stomach pains, irritabilty etc. my doctor recommended a colonoscopy which showed an inflamed colon/ulcerative colitis. Which my doctor found very odd at my age. I stopped the BENICAR and thats when my doctor gave me a sample of BYSTOLIC. Within 3 weeks the stomach pains ended, stomach and bowel movements returned to normal and I felt much calmer (the beta blocker effect) The problems as I mentioned in an earlier post with BYSTOLIC are the weight gain, higher total cholesterol, lower HDL, and a recent glucose increase. Another problem I am having is the constant fatigue I feel at work. If I close my eyes I will definitely fall asleep. I'm an IT System Engineer, I can't afford to fall asleep at work. Also some effects which I mentioned to my doctor (that mostly pertain to men) Though the pill manufacturer states that all these side effects are highly unusual for this pill, my body tells me different. I am also aware they are trying very agressively to push this new pill. After I started the TOPROL XL, within 2 days my energy level increased and all other functions returned rapidly to normal. The only side effect I'm having with TOPROL are vivid dreams, (which supposed to improve as your body adjusts) and my heart rate is not as controlled as the BYSTOLIC. The proper dosage for heart rate control is something I will discuss with my doctor on my next appointment. My cardiologist blieves that TOPROL/METOPROLOL is one of the best HBP/CARDIO medicines which exists.
I have to value his opinion. He has been a Cardiologist for almost 45 years. He is not alone because apparently about 80 % of Cardio doctors recommend TOPROL. I figure, it must be a pretty safe and reliable drug. (If we take the BRAND not GENERIC). Sometimes a very good pill could take a bad rap....
Well said Flowergirl,

BYSTOLIC may yet be proven to be one of the better of most of the available HBP medications currently available, including beta blockers. Though the BYSTOLIC side effect profile is excellent, we must keep in mind that efficacy and systemic effects are also important. Just like High Blood Pressure has no obvious or noticeable effects, medications can react the same way. Lack of side effects and good tolerabilty do not always equate to proven benefits. HBP is still known as the Silent Killer. Sometimes the expression No Pain NO Gain has some truth. I believe that many medications do their damage in very quiet and subtle ways, sometimes without any side effects.
In conclusion, Drug tolerability is important but it should not be the only criteria to evaluate a medication. I think this is the reason that many Cardiologists and Doctors are reluctant to switch their patients from older proven drug regimens in favor of the newer drugs/beta blockers. Especially if the patients blood pressure and other factors are well controlled. Most doctors are still not sold by the mostly unproven newer drugs and hype. Perhaps they are right...Why disrupt the cart? When new pills are approved, they immediately begin to raise a red flag by many. Ex BEXTRA, BAYCHOL and AVANDIA and the list goes on and on. The exception with certain pills like BYSTOLIC, BENICAR and others, is that they have been used in many parts of the world for many years, which assures us of a better safety profile.