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Hi flowergirl,

As I mentioned in a previous post, my glucose levels were slightly elevated
when I had my last blood test. I definitely think that certain medications can contribute to Glucose tolerance. The medication I was taking at the time was BYSTOLIC. I've taken TOPROL in the past and did not experience any changes with my glucose tolerance. (Though I was a little younger at the time) TOPROL did lower my HDL cholesterol and raised my cholesterol.
The beta blockers which are not suppose to effect glucose metabolism are: COREG, LABETAOLOL and BYSTOLIC. As I mentioned, the jury is still out for BYSTOLIC (as far as my numbers are concerned). Perhaps my numbers were a fluke and possibly due to an increase in weight, (which is definitely beta blocker related). The HBP medications which are known to improve glucose tolerance are: MICARDIS (definitely), BENICAR, DIOVAN, COZAAR, ALTACE, ENALAPRIL and Perindpril (Probably). I am currently taking a beta-blocker known as KERLONE (Betaxolol). It will be interesting to see my glucose numbers at my next check-up. As far as tolerabilty, KERLONE is excellent (possibly the best beta blocker, though not at all popular) This beta blocker is also marketed as Eye drops (for gluacoma). It is manufactured by SANOFI pharm. (France). Joint pains and fatigue are much less then some of the other beta blockers I've taken. Quality of life is not affected either. What needs to be seen now is my blood test results, blood pressure control and heart rate control. (BYSTOLIC is superb for heart rate control). KERLONE is almost identical to TOPROL but without certain side effects such as sweating and certain vague pains. (We need to choose among the worse of the evil side effects we can live with)

P.S. The supplement "Chromium Picolinate" available cheaply at most drug stores and food market chains, has been proven in many scientific studies and respected medical journals to greatly improve glucose tolerance. An added bonus is a 10 - 15% increase in HDL cholesterol (especially when taken with NIACIN). Another popular Chromium blend is called Chromium GTF, which I believe is bound to NIACIN. My mom's aunt was told by her doctor to take a Chromium supplement about 30 years ago, (I would sometimes purchase them for her) She had a heart condition among some other conditions when she was younger. To make a long story short, she lived till 98 years old, and swore by this vitamin...