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My doctor put on Benicar HCT 20mg after trying four other BP meds. My pressure is better but after 4 weeks my side effects seem to multiplying. I have the vertigo, slight headaches occasionally, slight cough, sometimes what feels like my heart is pounding and the newest is like hot flashes but I am male. It seems to come in the evening and I just get hot (no temp). I have to turn the ceiling fan on to cool me down even though the room temp is cool. I have even experienced some shortness of breath on occasion along with the pounding. I will my doctor in about 2 weeks but was wondering if anyone else has experienced any of these effects? I am 62 years old and just started experiencing blood pressure problems about 2 years ago but started taking medication early last year.
I had horrible vertigo with benicar HCT, I had to stop. My doctor didnt believe me and he is pro benicar so it was difficult to get a script change, but it went away after I stopped.
I had bad side effects with Benicar and HCTZ