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i posted here a couple months ago, but since i wasn't really having any problems, noone really responded....

however, the last couple weeks, i feel like my jaws are falling apart...my splint is not working as well as it used to, but that may also have something to do with the fact that i've been rather lax about putting it in after i eat meals...jsut yesterday my jaw was partially locked even when i had the splint in!! very bizarre....never happened before...what happens if all the cartilage in your jaw gets worn down?? do they replace it, do they inject "stuff" in, or do they do something else in that surgery that my doc tries to avoid at all possible costs??? just wondering...cause i dont' think this problem is gonna be getting better anytime soon...haha, my doc said i probably wouldn't need the splint forever...haha...what a crock...thanks for any suggestions...oh! and if i dont' respond, i apologize...i'll be in europe until the 28th, so please dont' let my lack of response inhibit any other responses!! thanks!!


Thought This Might Be of Use...Since Alot of Others Have It:
Updated on 6/18/02

August 1999: diagnosed with GERD and IBS...put on zantac, then aciphex
Spring 2000: diagnosed with TMJ...have lower splint
September 2000: hospitalized for failure to thrive due to malnutrition and dehydration; fed with ng tube for 3 months, put on prilosec
2001-02: developed chronic sinusitis/rhinitis from NG tube, put on nasonex and allegra
January 2002: switched GI's, diagnosed with hiatal hernia, switched to nexium, added peppermint oil, put on bentyl PRN for pain, zoloft for nausa
March 2003: IBS getting worse, switched PRN bentyl to BID levbid ER
May 2003: diagnosed with asthma from GERD, put on advair and singulair, albuterol PRN
May 2003: back pain and limited mobility, caused by 2002 car accident and dance injury, unidentified
April-June 2003: minor ear irritation and hearing problems, and extra sinus swelling, unidentified
May-June 2003: heartburn recurring even with meds!- GI put me on 40mg Pepcid Rx in the morning and at bedtime...Seems to be holding over till August...:p
July: chest x-ray came back, found mild thoracic scoliosis, and small "heart shadowing", EKG results are coming...