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hi, I want to share my experience in the last few days at my local hospital . I been experiencing diarheea and flu like symptoms , well the first er I go to they tell me its a virus probably ,no test just quesses ,They send me home with a prescription for bentyl and a brat diet . I couldnt believe it so 8 hours later i go to the next er at 12 am, 30 minutes away.The er here was excellent , ran all kinds of test cat scans, dye , blood urine , still no diagnosis so they admit me . well everything is fine , im getting nubain for my pain and thery start me on cipro , just in case of bacteria .blood sapmles show and urine hint that way , they collect stool to do culture , Well i get this nurse on /day 1 1/2 /in this hospital and i get a cold feeling from her . I ring for pain medicine and she like takes 45 minutes to come ,I didnt want to keep keep pressing light to look demanding or not patient but after that i became more persistant. They make you feel like ya a bad person when you ask for medicine especially pain medicine and believe me i was in pain./day 2 1/2/ my doctor tell me theres preliminary showing you might have a bacterial infection and you been on cipro and iv so thats good , no surgery it seems. well this nurse shows up again and i go to smoke a cigarette , she seem not to like that either but im a grown man so . I come back upstairs and ask her when shes got time can i get some medicine , im cramping real bad , shes like ok , well 20 minutes later she not there so i press the light. Well i find out she goes to meeting and that did it for me so i call customer relations and tell them situation , they say they will see into it. well 20 minutes later i hear my doctor being page ,which sounds fishy to me afteri just complain on a nurse . well my doctor shows up ,out of nowhere few hours later , I had my pain medicine by then , hes like well you got salmonella , since you wont be needing surgery we can get you discharged .Im like well you told me tomorrow or later ,this has nothing to do with me complaining to the nurse which I knew it did. IM like well im not ready to leave , I just find out I got salmonella , now i get discharged . So i decide maybe its best to leave , well my nurse come with the dc papers with this smirk on her face , at that time i wanted to smack off of her but decided to go peacefully . Well I get home which was like 2 pm in the south its hot believe me with salmonella and cipro, isnt too thoughtful of that hospital. I talk to my uncle when i get home and im like I dont under stand why i was being treated so horribly by this nurse . I go to bed and get some sleep. I wake up and her face just flashes in my mind and all of a sudden Im like I know that face , but im trying to decide if its just short term memory from the hospital and medication and it seems like I know this nurse. I lay down and try to forget and then bammm it hits me , I do know this woman , I couldnt believe it but she was the secretary for the chiropractor i was seeing 2 yr ago at that time when i had my car accident.

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