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hi there. I have crohns, but also have had other digestive problems which sound very similar to what you are going through. Have any of your doctors mentioned Bentyl to you? I remember distinctly having the kind of pain you describe, and one of the meds they gave me was Bentyl. I keep journals, and therefore went back to one that described these symptoms such as yours. The Bentyl was one med. Of course the others mentioned here in these other messages were also mentioned. But I noted the relief I got with the Bentyl. Just a suggestion, it it has not already been tried. Of course, always discuss things in totality with your doctor. I know it is hard to suggest a med to a doctor, as they usually are not so receptive to us patients making med suggestions. LOL. Anyhoo.... hope things are getting better. Would love to hear how things are progressing, either good or bad. This forum is a great support. Keep in touch. take care.
Suzi :)