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If you're female, it could also be endometriosis. I don't think ultrasound will show it. How does it compare to your monthly cycle?

Again, if you're female, have you had a tubal ligation? It could be adhesions.

It could be ovulation.....some women ovulate more than once a month.

I would have suggested as Harry's of gas or active bowel.

Just by chance, is it at any particular time of the day that it happens? Have you considered keeping a food diary?

If you have IBS, one can be quite bothered by worry and stress. Many people find that just by changing the foods they eat at a particular time of the day can lessen some symptoms.

I have U Colitis as well as IBS. I'm somewhat lactose intolerant, and by adjusting foods depending on my daily schedule, my discomfort is much less.

I also use a medication called Bentylol (Bentyl in the US) which is used for stomach/gut cramping. It works well for me.

Also, I've added acidophillus with bifidus to my regimen....it helps also with discomfort.

I hope you get some relief soon. I can certainly relate to the endless cycle of testing.

Best to you,