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Hi. I'm 26 yrs old, and up until a few months ago never had any serious bowel problems. A few months ago I started having bleeding during bowel movements, but only once and a while. I just shook it off as hemroids or it being from straining. Then about a month ago I began having horrible cramps and bloating. The pain was mostly in my lower back and lower left abdomen. I also began bleeding again. I had scheduled a doctor visit, but ended up in the emergency room a week before the appointment. The rectal exam came up totally normal, not even a trace of blood (somehow), they also did a urine test which showed blood. They never were able to pinpoint the cause of the blood in my urine. I became severely constipated, and was only able to go after taking a double dose of Mangnisium Citrate, which they gave me in the ER. They perscribed me Bentyl, and sent me home. The Bentyl has been a great help for the cramping, especially when my regular Dr. raised the dose. But, when I forget to take it, the pains come right back. He said I had IBS and I should be fine. Everything seemed fine again until this week. I had a normal BM but when I looked down,the toilet was full of blood! I immedietly called my doctor who got me in that day. He is setting up a colonoscopy for me, and I'm just worried! I'm so young, and have 2 small children. What could this be?? any feedback would be appreciated...thanks in advance!