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I cant take it anymore.. ive had these now for like 15 years but it kinda calmed down for a few years cpet when i ate chinese or taco bell.. now that i moved back hom cuz of my bladder disease I am dying of cramps once again.. i could eat toast! and im bent over sweating crying to god and running to the bathroom with diahrea. its like severe pms alll over my stomach. it hurts so bad i want to die. all i had was a sweet potato today and that was hours ago and im still clinging for life running to the stupid bathroom. dr just threw bentyl at me and said whatever. im scared.. do i ahve cancer? chrons?? please it hurts so bad .. im so tired of being in pain I just cant take the bladder spasms AND the bowels spasms and wirtten off with fibro and chronic fatigue. Im getting too weak to pick up a glass of water!

i was taking some enzymes and they worked for a week or two but now stopped. im also VERY nausaes 24/7 and SUPER nauseas if i dont eat every 2 hours. i should be super skinny going tot he bathroom 10 times a day but im not.

im scared to death.. Whats wrong with me?!?!!??!