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OH polly hon, im praying the good Lord will send you someone to give you a ride to and back from the test. SOmeone who will stay there with you praying while youre having it done. I know i will be praying sweetie.
As to why he couldnt go all the way with the colonoscopy, it could be maybe your bowels are kinked up somewhere and he didnt want to force it in. Are you taking bentyl?? Sometimes that can cause constipation as well since its used for IBS, as well as for bowel spasms. Seems the thing you want fixed sometimes, the meds they give you to fix it causes other problems, like constipation , so its a vicious cycle.
I have been taking herblax from shaklee's products. No, im not a distributer for those who think im selling it lol. But i have found out THAT works for me the best. Three or four tablets a night and by morning i get to "go" and feel better afterwards. Its like a colon cleanser but doesnt give me diareah, just a normal BM. Otherwise, trust me i wouldnt have a BM. Most medications they give us to treat certain illness cause constipation. The elavil i am taking was for two purposes. One was for the deep sleep for the fibro. Second its also used for phantom pain for amputees as well as for bowel pains that other meds cant help. In my case it was for the fibro AND the adhesions. Now that im up to 25 mgs i can tell a difference already in the pain wise (adhesion). Im hoping that when i go up to 50, it will be almost gone. If i have flareups on the adhesions i have another med , clindex i can take for the spasms and pain , but also limited because IT CAUSES CONSTIPATION too. Thats why i take the herblax and that helps with it. Trust me i have taken just about everything, from miralax to ducalax, to extra fiber and metamucil. Nothing has worked for me best like the herblax. I feel like i have a good BM with it.
I have an appt on wed to see the doc. The incision is still open, being packed by my sweetie who plays with it while cleaning it, like its an extra mouth talking, hes weird, i swear, LOL. He squeezing it like its talking while hes talking in a different accent calling it mr gordo, i will kill him when i am better. LOL. I swear i am gonna kill him !! LOL. I just dont have the strenght right now. :)
Im sure he doc couldnt finish the colonoscopy hon simply because your bowels are kinked somewhere, just make sure you ask him about it when you see them. Could be that it gets partially blocked and that causes pain. Thats what causes my pain as well.
I feel sorry for your hubby hon . Fibro has sooooo many different symptoms that go with it, that some people just dont understand how bad it is. Its not just severe pain, it has numerous other things that go with it. You cant sleep at night, get that deep sleep which causes one to hurt, to have fibro fog, IBS. Im sure you have looked up fibro on the internet, if not, do so. It will give you an idea of what people with fibro go thru. We may look FINE on the outside, but ohhh honey, what goes on in the inside is one very painful thing. Look under the fibro board on here as well. You will get lots of info on that as well. Keeping you in prayer and that the Lord will send you an :angel: to give you a ride and be with you.
Love and hugs sweetie,