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Do you find yourself hurting, confused and using waaaay too much damn toilet paper? Like your going to go nuts every time you eat a meal and know its coming..... :eek:

Well, I am one of those people, with all of you here. I am 19 years old and had my first colonoscopy when I was 17. Just had my most recent one this past April. Dealing with Ulcers, leisions, infection, polyps , still no sign of Crohns disease nor colitis ( Thank goodness! ) . However, I do have gaulbladder disease , which will be removed pretty soon, IBS, Acid Reflex, and Ulcers. I also have symptoms of Anxiety and Panic attacks due to all of this going on inside of me. Ive taken 3 prevpac therapys, prevacid, bentyl, Xanex and Zoloft. STILL not feeling well. When will this end? I would like to know if anyone else here has this problem, I just feel like I cant live a normal life with this going on. Help!