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I was in here in April asking about Diverticulitis, b/c of moderate pain, and discomfort in my lower left abdominal groin area. After a colonoscopy, my Gastro Dr. said he didn't see that it was diverticulitis, so he diagnosed me with IBS. I have been trying both Librax, and Bentyl, to try and alleviate my symptoms, that I am still experiencing on a daily basis. I also had a sonogram, and CT-scan which came out ok, at the time. I went to my Gastro this afternoon, as I am still in the same condition I was in April. He 's having me do another CT-scan to be sure nothing else is going on, blood work, etc.
He claims that stress is the main cause of IBS, but its this condition that is causing me the stress. My symptoms are ..the feeling that I have to defecate all the time, even though I did already..that feeling is always present. It feels like my colon in that area is always in a tight and uncomfortable spasm, from the groin area right down to the rectum..and it hurts. Sometimes,it hurts when I move, or lift my left leg a certain way. No, I don't feel any lumps. It is always sore, and I'm hardly getting any relief. I am on a diet with a dietitian, and other than losing weight, it is not helping. I do feel relief when my bowels are empty,(temporarily) It is calmer in the morning, and calmer before I retire...does this sound like IBS? Can IBS give you this much pain on a daily basis for a long time. Does it ever go into a remission by itself?
What else could this possibly be???
Sorry this is so long, as I am soooo scared, that I am going to need re-section surgery to remove part of my intestines...which I hope I won't have to. Please tell me this may not be necessary.. God, I just had GB surgery 2 yrs ago. Any help, support, or input would be so needed, and appreciated.

PS I have also posted in IBS board, I need all the answers I can get.