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About two months ago I started having diarrhea while on vacation (in the states). It finally went away later on in the day and once I got home out of the blue a week later it started again. After this, it seemed to be staying with me. Every morning when I woke up I had green diarrhea, pain in my lower stomach after eating, and my stomach was constantly rumbling. Finally I went to the Dr. They done stool cultures and put me on several different medicines throughout the next few weeks. I lost ten pounds and ended up having an EDG, a Colonosopy, and blood work. Everything has came back fine-showing nothing! My stomach has been doing better, but only by taking Bentyl and Lomotil. However, it still doesn't feel right a lot of the times. Now recently it has started every time I have a bowel movement there is blood when I wipe. I have an appointment with a specialist on the 15th. What do you think the problem may be?