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Hi I have a history of IBS which went away after I had my daughter 8years ago. But over the last few months it has come back. I can have diarrhia then constipation and mucus in my stools.
I have taken meds for this like Levsin and Librax. I also have a hiatel hernia.

But the last few weeks I have had upper back pain...like pulled muscles with chest discomfort. One day I can have a bowel movement once then the next 4-6 times without diarrhia...I sometimes feel like I can't empty out and feel pressure to push..which upsets my diaphram.

I had a colonscopy twice due to high risk of colon cancer in my family. I am scheduled for another endoscopy on the 27th of this month. I had one ten years ago and that's when they found the hiatel hernia and everything else was okay. My doctor did an EKG and the gastro doesn't think it's my heart.

My question I guess is Does anyone have upper back pain and chest pain? The chest is awful after a BM.....Like I said I know I have to strain sometimes to go. It is right where the hernia would be.

I am slightly anemic and swear the iron pills triggered this whole stomach problem. Which I can't shake. I stopped the iron for now....going try another one that is more gentle on the stomach per the doctor.
The doctor gave me prolisic 20mg to take and bentyl. The prolisic hasn't kicked in yet. It has only been 3 days since I started taking it.

Any input is apprciated....this one really has me stumped

Thanks so much. Jane