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Hi Cindy- These certainly sound like the symptoms of IBS...
precipitous diarrhea after food, cramps, (which are relieved after you go to the bathroom) gassiness, alternating with constipation, or at least, as you say difficult elimination.
You say, "many doctors over many years".
Have you had a sigmoidoscopy ever? And even better, a colonoscopy? Maybe it's time, just to rule out any pathologic process that may be going on, before being dubbed as an IBS sufferer. If however, you've been this route then as long as you have no new symptoms or a change in YOUR own personal pattern, I wouldn't worry. Everyone has different reactions to foods. For the diarrhea, cut back on RAW veggies, lettuce etc. Dairy is a real problem for some. You say cream but not milk. I'd lay off the milk too. No beans if you are prone to gas! And eggs too make a lot of people gassy. Anything with tomato too. What suggestions have any of your docs given you? Presumably one or some of them were gastroenterologists?
It's good that you have identified some of the foods that make things worse for you. I have a theory that gastro docs have the answer to IBS but if they let on, 80% of their business will disappear!!
Have you ever taken any anti-spasmodic drugs for this, like Bentyl? Although the idea of taking drugs all the time isn't appealing at all.

Have you ever kept a 'food diary" for one week? Charting what you eat and how you're body responds. It helps some people to I.D. stuff they never thought was a problem.

Wish I had really more substantial answers for you!


zuzu xxxxx