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Hi djtech,

I sometimes get that, but I have Ulcerative Colitis. I thought they were related, but it could be just how I'm "made".

I was told that it's the peristalsis movement. Yours might get more active or stay active after the evacuation.

Do you eat before you go?

If you've talked to your doctor about it, there's an antispasmotic called Bentylol (Bentyl in the US). It helps slow down the peristalsis.

You may also want to try a half (not a whole) Gravol before your bm. It may help with the nausea.

If you don't want to go the drug route....try either peppermint tea or ginger tea after you go. They both help with nausea. Maybe having a mint while you're having your bm will help?

Another suggestion...you could be lactose intolerant.
You could have rice milk instead for a few days and see if that will help. Soy is another alternative, but I find it gives me gas. Try it, could help.

I can relate to that feeling, and when it's when you are supposed to be most active -- it can hinder that somewhat.

I hope something works for you.