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Hi taylorkade,

Ho awful for your son to be diagnosed with UC at such a young age.
I was diagnosed over 14 years ago at age 34. I had a heck of a time that first year getting and keeping mine under control.

Where in the bowel is your son's UC?
If it's in the lower part, the rectum and up to sigmoid, the rectal meds of 5ASA should work, as well as using the Asacol.

I've never been on the steroid systemic meds. I was on the cortifoam for one week when my doctor wea called away on emergency. For the 14+ years, my only meds have been Asacol (as high as 8 a day -- but now I'm on 6) and the Salofalk retention enemas (nightly to one every 5 nights). I've never had a successful med free remission, but I am able to achieve it with meds.

I use dicyclomine (Bentylol, Bentyl) for cramping, and it works great.

Sometimes the "big guns" don't necessarily work as well as the slow and steady meds.

What is your son able to eat? Does he find that eating certain foods cause him to go more frequently?

He could try one rounded tablespoon of Metamucil in a half glass of water (1 to 3 times a day) to slow down the diarrhea. It works really well. BUT please only get the Metamicil SMOOTH ONLY!!! Make sure that if he does try this that he doesn't overdo since it can cause constipation, which is another problem to contend with. Finding the middle ground is a good place.

Trying to do it with meds like codeine shouldn't even be considered from my perspective.

Is he ingesting foods that have Aspartame or other sugar substitutes? They are severe colon irritants.

enough questions for now.

I hope he gets his UC under control soon.

How are you coping also?

best to you both,