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I had the dreaded endoscopy & colonoscopy procedures yesterday. The Dr. diagnosed me with IBS.
He also removed a polyp & sent it off to make sure it is benign.
He has started me on bentyl 3 times a day, 1 20mg. pill 30 mins. before every meal.
Does anyone take it? Any luck with it helping?
My main problems with the IBS is stomach bloating & pain. Any helpful replys appreciated!! :round:
Have a friend that takes Bentyl and yes, it helps prevent pain......I think it probably an antispasmotic medicine.

I also gave this to my son when he was a baby when he had colic and it helped tremendously.
Hi there. I was on Bentyl for awhile due to IBS-D. It didn't help the diarrhea, but it did ease up on the abdominal cramping/pain I get. I don't take it anymore though - it made me too drowsy and gave me really bad dry mouth. I was taking it to try to control my "D" problem, so after I found another medication that controls that, I quit taking the Bentyl. Hope it helps you.

Katie G
Bentyl may be good for the short term
--that is for pain/spasms and cramping. But, you should make sure you get what you need in minerals like Calcium, magnesium and potassium. I think it's better than taking Drugs that your Doctor perscribes.

Yes, I have taken it years ago when I didn't know much about nutrition. Even coffee that people drink depletes your body of needed nutrients because of it's diuetic effect.