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Hi. I'm having severe abdominal pain on my right side, above the hip. It extends from the front right side to the back right side of my body. The pain has recently covered my entire back.

I only have this pain while sleeping, was worse when sleeping on right side, but now sleeping on either side causes the pain.

I've been experiencing this pain since November 2002, when it was a dull ache. In May of 2003 it went from a dull, tolerable ache, to an all out severe pain that wakes me up and makes it impossible to sleep.

I've had an UpperGI, gallbladder ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, and abdominal CT scan. Results of all tests were fine; did not indicate a problem.

I've been prescribed bentyl 20, 4 times daily for IBS and have not seen any improvement in the pain.

Do you have any ideas on what the problem could be?

Please help, the pain is so severe I'm getting no sleep.

Thanks so much for any help..
Hi there - so sorry for your troubles. Unfortunately, your pain could be many things - even those conditions that tested as "normal." I would recommend you have endoscopy done to look at the esophagus/stomach/duodenum for ulcers & H. pylori, a hida scan to check gall bladder output, and bladder or kidney tests to name a few. If your female, ovarian cysts could also be another possibility.

The Bentyl is an antispasmodic, so if your intestines are not spasming from IBS (which can cause pain), the drug will do nothing for you.

Have the doctors considered pulled muscles or a hernia causing your pain?

Please keep going back to the doctor for more tests if needed to determine your problem. You don't need to continue suffering.

Good luck,
Katie G