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I was diagnosed with IBS during a colonoscopy back in 1997. On and off I'll get the severe stabbing pains in my lower abdomen and take Bentyl, Levsin.

This episode, that started about 4 days ago, has caused me to have multiple bowel movements...the stool is loose but it is solid, not watery. The stool is very bloodstained each time and what seems like a lot of blood drips into the toilet as well, and is on the tp. There do not appear to be any external hemorrhoids. I don't know about internal ones or how I'd even know forsure. Nor do I know if internal hems bleed so much that they drip into the toilet.

I've had several episodes just like this...it seems like they come every 3-4 months and last a couple of weeks. I have made several appts to revisit my gastro; but, the appts are always 3-4 wks away, and by the time the appt gets here, I'm never having the problem 'at that time' so I cancel.

I have an Internal Med. Dr's appt late next week for some other medical concerns and I intend to bring this up when I see her; but, I'd really appreciate any advice anyone could lend me until then.

Thanks in advance...Lulu