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Hi boxgirl,

It definitely sounds like a flare....and Asacol (if you're talking about the oral pills) isn't the treatment for that, only above the rectum. Rectal meds (suppositories or retention enemas) should be an addition to your med regimen.

My opionion is just this....mine.....but avoid prednisone or any steroid rectal meds until you've totally exhausted the 5ASA group.

It would be best to get a first-line peek as to what's happening in there to make sure it hasn't spread upwards. Keep in mind that the prep can also cause some inflammation....or really I should say...it exacerbates a flare.

From my own experience, a flare at the first sign..should be treated with an increase of the rectal meds.

How many asacol are you on at this time?

It takes time for the flare symptoms to eventually quiet down when on 5ASA rectal meds. After that, they should be slowly tapered. They can be increased if the taper has been too quick. It all depends on your symptoms.....and if you need help in understanding it all, I will be more than happy to share my 16 years of experience in dealing with 5ASA oral and rectal meds.

For your crampy/gassy/bloating/pains..etc, you would be wise to ask your doc for an antispasmotic med called Bentyl (Bentolyl in Canada). I use it often for those symptoms, and it works well for me.

Med juggling....hmmm, it's a very refined act, but can be very effective once you learn and know your flare symptoms.

Please keep us posted.