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Hey Chiggins
My IBS used to be just diarrhea..but now can be BOTH.... I did consult a nutritionalist at least three times in my life and have taken nutrition classes while in college! Since I have MULTIPLE medical problems to deal with...I have to watch what I eat...because of the IBS and NOW fissures as well as having NO gallbladder...I have the thyroid as you know which can aggravate the IBS and dairy and sugar are out because of that...I also have food alleries (not to mention everything else I am allergic to) I used to take one-two shots a week for decades...so I have to rotate foods and in the case of certain foods..I must avoid them all the time otherwise I will get hives and breathing dificulties....plus at 16..I contracted Mononucleisis-a virus that has plagued and destroyed my body for years..so AGAIN during certain times of the year.....my body is out of wack and has been like that since almost dying from the virus all those years ago(I had a severe, severe form of it with at least 4-5 secondary infections on top of the MONO) I have definitely been through the wringer when it comes to hospital stays and medical problems over the years..it has been really tough yet somehow up to this point I have managed.....the fissures I think for me are going to be the same thing. Everything else I went through medically..I had to do trial and error..sometimes for years..adjusting this, adjusting that until I found something that worked for EACH AND EVERY thing....its so exhausting and discouraging to keep having to add another thing...its like trying to keep all the balls in the air at the same time.....the POSITIVE in all this is that I have learned so much to do for "Complete" health...from exercise to diet to stress reduction to changing my home...to be "environmentally" healthy with air cleaners and water filters for drinking......just to name a few things....
I have done the fasting...and have went BACK to the way I used to handle my sensitive stomach/backend and it HAS helped....but the pain remains...I think what I am going to do is STILL stay OFF the fiber and the Colace and try getting what I need FROM my diet for now and see if things ease up..and if they don't I am going to go back and see if I can be put under anesthesia and examined and have them FIX whatever IS the problem...like they originally told me that they'd do...even if I don't like the idea! Since after seeing this last surgeon today..I realize now that the DR. who did my surgery IS the best...I think I just needed some proof that it was OK to do what they thought was right...(you know me...my name is WATCHOUT...because I tell everyone to Watch out for bad drs...my history was full of them!!!!!)
As far as you are concerned.....if you go to a gastroentologist (sp?) they will do MANY tests to determine if you INDEED have IBS....have you gotten a book on it yet or have gotten on some of the websites out there...they are really informative....but even if you do have IBS...depending on what type...they can give you the BENTYL (which you ave) or even ZELNORM I think if you have the constipation kind....I know for me the thing that helps the most BESIDES the diet changes are reducing stress and most of all exercise! BEFORE the fissures....with my bad stomach and ALL the other stuff..I kept really regular and healthy by doing these things....its just one day I got really stressed out over my kids OLD school.....and until I got them out of this really BAD school I was stressed out bigtime...and bam..my stomach went nuts and thats how I ended up with such a mess DOWN there....Up until that point I was doing better then I had in years (go figure) I think for all of us here on this board, it is going to be awhile until we find what works for us..I know for me exchanging INFO has been a tremendous help.....like you mentioning the fasting and nutritionalist....I did fast for about 3 days..but I do think it might be time in the near future to go see a NUTRITIONALIST again...I have even thought a year or so ago and lately too...to go and take coarses myself (maybe a certificate program on the internet) so I can learn how to better do things in fitness and NUTRITION...I have looked into the health and fitness degree through EDUCATION DIRECT...maybe even become certified in personal training.....or something to do with health in general...I am that fed up...through all of this I am convinced that the ONLY way to reamin optimistic and hopeful through health problem is to take thing into your own hands...literally....and for you..it sounds like you DO have IBS...but the best thing to remember is that YOU know your body BEST...do what is RIGHT for you..and hopefully soon we ALL will get beter....I'll keep you updated..... :wave: