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Hi,....I'm really wondering why a liquid diet 48 hours before the CoLyte? It will clean you out thoroughly even with eating lunch the same day. Yikes, I feel for you!

Any prep can cause some irritation or even some inflammation of the colon. As well, you had the test from both ends...a lot of violating to sensitive organs for sure.

Have you called the gastro who did the testing to have him/her call you to at least confirm how you're feeling?

Are you eating a lot? Are you eating normally or with slight changes. Maybe considering a very low residue diet might be of help.

As well..maybe adding a small amount of Metamucil Smooth...non aspartame...will help bulk up your stool and lessen the diarrhea.

Another option would be to call the doctor and ask for the prescription Bentylol (in Canada) Bentyl (in the US). It's a smooth muscle relaxer..an antispasmotic that will help lessen the cramping you're feeling. I use it for my cramping and nausea that I have with ulcerative colitis -- used it for the past 16 years when needed. It comes in 10 and 20mg dosages. The 10mg would definitely help you..and could be doubled to 20 if necessary.

It can make you feel pretty mellow and relaxed if you've never taken anything like that before...just be aware of that.

I hope you feel better soon.