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Hi Donna,
I am on protonix right now and have never had any side affect at all from it. I have tried all the PPI's. Have you tried taking it at night before bed? Thats when I take mine even though your supposed to take it in the morning it still works all day.

Prevacid gave me leg pains and did not relieve the lump in my throat from night time heart burn
Nexium gave me gas/bloating, headache and a horrible taste in my mouth. but it did work good on the heartburn,chest pains etc..
Aciphex gave me burping, constipation and headache and did nothing for my GERD

At the beginning of my treatment my GI also gave me antispasmatics to help ease my digestive tract. They are Donnatal, Hysocomine, Bentyl and Levbid and I am sure more. You can do a search online for antispasmatics.
They stop your digestive system from having spasms and work unbelievably well.
Maybe ask your doctor about them. They all come in generic and arent very expensive and they all work the same. Its worth trying them in addition to a PPI
Good Luck,