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Thank you to everyone for posting your thoughts and opinions, and I wanted to follow up now that we've come to somewhat of a conclusion - what a hectic month it has been trying to figure it all out.

At my wife's first visit to the gastroenterologist specialist he expressed his opinion that it might be extreme IBS flaring up, as my wife has had some history of IBS but nothing with this broad range of symptoms. So before doing any more tests, over a period of two weeks my wife went through some mix of the following medications (not sure what order or what combination but she tried to different regimes for a week each):


Her symptoms really didn't impove and she still had the severe pain as well as naseau/vomitting and diarrhea and the pain was in her back as well, sometime between her shoulder blades too.

So this taken with her family history where every female member has had their gallbladder removed caused the doctor to finally order the HIDA scan with CCK.

Amazingly this came back negative and it appears her gallbladder was functioning normally, and definitely did not have any stones, etc.

Ruling out a non-functioning or under-functioning gallbladder the doctor ordered an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. Both of these tests came back normal as well, and in the period of two weeks or so while these test were being ordered, I noticed some small improvements in my wife's condition.

First the vomitting stopped and she had less nausea and then it seems the diarrhea slowed down and the number of instances of her pain and bloating / cramping were decreasing.

So in the end the doctor's first diagnosis seemed to be correct and that is was a very bad IBS flare up, the likes of which my wife or I had never seen or heard of. I mean her belly was physically swollen and distented when it first started happening so much so that you could even see it.

As a result of all these test my wife's medication was just switched to Nortriptyline 10mg once per day at bedtime, and Belladonna Alkaloids 3 times per day. She is doing much much better, and her symptoms are down to minor abodminal pain maybe once or twice per day.

I guess it just goes to the show the number symptoms that can be a symptom of so many potential conditions, and how bad IBS can really be, where it's not just diarrhea but a spasming of the entire gastrointestinal track with radiating pain everywhere.

Thanks to everyone for their posts and support.