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Well, my HIDA scan (which I waited nearly 2 months for) was normal. I saw the surgeon today; he had the report. My ejection fraction was 50% and the movement of the gallbladder and everything else was "normal". The surgeon said that they (that surgical clinic, the only one I can use as I have military health insurance) did not take out gallbladders without some test showing some abnormality. He said if I'd had abnormal anything, he would do the surgery, but repeat ultrasounds, blood tests, etc., were all normal. Sooooo, he ordered a CT scan to "just check for very unusual things" and if that is normal, he's done with me. In the meantime, I'm getting pretty good symptom control with Bentyl 3 times per day, eating light and exercising, but the pain still kicks up sometimes. So I guess I have to just hang in there. Maybe it's not my gallbladder, but I really don't know what else it could be. Any comments welcome.