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I've had everything done. HIDA scan which showed 51% gallbladder ejection rate, optimal liver metabolism, EGD which showed no evidence of gastric problems, no duodnal inflammation, blood work for liver, pancreatic enzymes and to test for antibodies present in Celiac disease, everything is perfect. U/S of kidneys, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, pelvic exams, CT scan of all my major organs, everything. I'm apparently really healthy. :rolleyes: SO WHY AM I STILL HAVING PAIN??????? The Gastro told me it was time to start treating for "functional" disorders and gave me Bentyl, which is anti spasmodic and used to treat IBS. Not working! They now won't send me to the surgeon because there isn't enough "evidence" to warrant removing my gallbladder.

My pain is still episodic, and starting immediately after the HIDA for about 2 weeks it was much more frequent and lasted longer. I've only had 3 attacks since before Christmas. One was during a trip to the zoo 20 minutes after eating a barbeque sandwich, one was around New Years after eating McDonalds and the last one was last week after eating McDonalds. These all come on about 20 minutes after I finish eating. As I've described before, the pain is VERY specifically located under my right rib cage, refers to my back under my shoulder blade, and refers to under my collar bone.

My GP is telling me he still thinks it could be my gall bladder. Sometimes you have stones, or sludge that you have passed (which could very well be my case since I have had this going on for so long) but it causes inflammation and thickened walls which cause pain but don't inhibit function. But he can't take it out, AND NONE OF THE SPECIALISTS WILL DO ANYTHING!

I know I have a touch of IBS, I've had it all my life, and I know what it feels like and where the discomfort is located, and this incapacitating pain is NOT it.

What do I do? I'm so sick of being in pain, but I seem to have hit a brick wall here. And I don't know if seeking a second opinion is an option, because of DH being military and Tricare might only cover this hospital.