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I would also suggest you go and see a GI, I have had IBS all of my life and my stools change all the time, I have severe stomach aches almost daily and in general feel like crap every single day, I on the other hand can go most of the time without having to..meaning I have lived with the runs for about 10 years now...Very rarely do I get constipated...Thank God, but on the other hand going all the time has caused other problems...So basically either way sucks..I have been to a ton of doctors, they all put me on this drug or that, I had a colonoscopy a few years ago and it told them nothing but lots of swelling, Well hello, I already figured that out since I go on average 3-6 times a day...Finally I found a medication that takes away the spasms..its called Bentyl. I take 10-20 mgs a day and it works well, BUT it doesn't take away the runs...I have tried different kinds of fiber..they say that will regulate....NOT...it made things worst for me...Its hard to believe what doctors tell you because they all have different opinions...SO..in order to set your mind at ease, find a really good reputable GI and stick with him/her because if you go doctor jumping you will never get the answers you so much need...Good Luck to you.