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I have had IBS for years and when I was getting overwhelmed by the cramps the doc put me on Bentyl. What I noticed is that I didn't have to pee so often. Maybe they could help you. I don't know if the problems are related, but if it works on both, no complaints from me.
Not everyone has the same symptoms. Some are constipated some have diahrea, some have pain, some don't but if you read a number of IBS sites you will see that it may be associated with it probably because of spasms. Like Bentyl I take Hyoscomine which is an antispasmotic and it does help the bladder and the intestinal spasms. I don't know if the pill for bladder would help the intestinal but it definetly does take away the bladder urge. They are all very drying though and can cause blurred vision but like all things side effects vary. Worth a try if it is a problem.