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My GP thinks there is a high possibility that I do have SOD however, I also have B12 deficiency and some associated neuropathy that needs dealt with first. Perhaps the pain might be some of the neuropathy, but it might not either. Right now I am going for the least invasive, least probobility of increased pain. I am exausted and depressed and at my wits end...but not desperate enough YET to do the ERCP

Yes I work. Don't ask me how but I do. I am also the PTA vice president at my daughters junior high. I have four children, lots of activities and 40+ work week. Life is HARD right now. Thankfully the kids understand and my boss understands...so when I walk into a wall no one is ordering up a impromptu UA :jester:

What I do for pain is tough it out a lot. My brain is already foggy enough that I really don't like to take any pain meds during the day. Like I said too, my pain starts out manageable in the morning and progressivley gets worse as the day goes on. By the time dinner is done and I am begging them to get their homework done I am almost doubled over (on my worst nights). Most other nights its more of a hunch with my right hand pressing in under my ribcage (because for some reason my subconsciounce thinks that really helps :rolleyes: )

I have tried Darvocet for pain. That does NOTHING for me. I have done percocet. That works relatively well but wires the crap out of me and I stay up all night. I am now on Vicodin which wires me a bit but I can sleep better. I have breakthrough pain on the vicodin on my bad nights though. I have tried Bentyl (Antispasmodic) that doesn't help. The above is what I take AT NIGHT after I get the kids into bed. During the day is ibuprofen all the way which of course does absoltely nothing.

I see a neurologist on the 21st of November to hopefully work out the neuropathy issues. If the URQ pain isn't helped then I may start looking at the ERCP for 2008 [shudder].