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I've had UC on and off since 1992 and it is no joy :(
Right now I am going through a flare - last one was 2 years ago. I also have fibromyalgia in the worse way and it is also in a flare. On top of all that, I think I am having an active infection of the Ebstein Barr again.

Currently I am not taking meds due to a quick outpatient surgery coming up on Monday. I hope to get this under control before I have to start taking the meds again. I take Asacol and Bentyl.

As far as foods to avoid - my gastro said to eat what I can and what is tolerable. Of course, he means eating good wholesome nutritious foods and not junk. I find that steamed carrots, salty broth, canned green beans, rice all work pretty well with me during a flare. Generally, raw foods do not sit well with me. Today cheese set me off and running to the bathroom.

Hope you are feeling better soon.