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Boy, can I relate to multiple ER trips- been 5 this week- 4 for seizures, and one today for a knee injury probably from a fall during a seizure, that I blew off as my arthritis, the weather changing, and trying to ignore it- well, couldn't walk this a.m....I have nobody to call for help, so 911 came- they joked around with me about being awake, which helped ease the feeling of them being there AGAIN, but they were very nice. There are times when it feels like they aren't doing much, but in my case, being alone, if a seizure doesn't end "normally", and another aura starts immediately, I have few options...and I always call my doc, and meds are adjusted, which means other meds may need some tweaking, so it can take a while to get things back to 'normal'... whatever that is anymore. But it's frustrating to have to keep going back there- but it's also better to be safe, than have something horrible happen because of NOT going. The stomach stuff is usually lidocaine, maalox, and bentyl or some other intestinal soother. Smells like total funk, and commonly is green, depending on what they decide to stick in there.... but it's supposed to be good for calming guts down.
Hope you're feeling better.... :)