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I was just recently persribed Bentyl for stomach cramps because I get them alot, very severe, so they wanted to start me on bentyl for the stomach cramps, I haven;t used it yet, I wanted to see if it worked for anyone else who takes it for stomach cramps, and if it works good.
yeah my doc prescribed bentyl for me and i use it on and off, its works but not that great thats why i turned to natural pills that work alot better..
Im currently taking 10mg's 4 times a day, and so far I think they have worked great, because after eating a decent meal before, I would get stomach cramps so bad, that it would bring me to my knees, and I'm a big guy. The cramps were so intense that I would vomit from the pain. I take them a half hour to 45 minutes before I'm going to eat, and I haven't had any cramps at all yet since starting them. I also suffer from major constipation as well, so I don't want to get severely backed up either. Because the side effect said that there can be constipation, and I felt un easy about that, plus I have to watch out because I'm on Reglan too, and they are the opposite of Bentyl.
Hi......sometimes spasming can cause constipation....and using Bentylol will help with that helping with that.

Sounds as though your doc has a good plan.....and taking it 45 minutes before meals will greatly help with the spasming.

When do you take the reglan?

Curious...what kind of foods do you eat?

try an all natural pills called aloe mp plus, aloellite or digestnol.. i take them and my dad takes them for his ulcerative colitis and they work great for him buy you have to be willing to pay between 137 to 180 and you get 270 pills ber bottle. you can only get them from their websites. i take bentyl when i have bad pains and they kind of help but i'm also taking the aloe pills more. if you got the money from one of the aloe pills
I've been on it for almost a week now, and nothing but positives for it so far, thanks for the info irishdude, but I just can't afford that kind of money right now, and quincy, I take the Reglan 10 mg's 4 times a day as well, I just take the Bentyl a few hours apart so they won't interact with eachother. My doc is great, he basically gives me whatever I need, and ask him for, or a new pill with my stomach to see how it helps.
WOW, I thought I was constipated before, but since taking the Bentyl, I don't ever want to go through what I had to the other day in the bathroom, and the sad part is I've experienced constipation at it's worst. Sometimes it takes we 3 weeks just to have a bowel movement, I dread going to the bathroom, but then sometimes I have bad cramps so I need the bentyl. Plus I haven't even gone up to 40mg's yet. I also have Liver disease Quincy, I have auto Immunne hepatitis, more woman get that than men. I also have acid reflux disease. All this at the age of 24. I was already Liver transplanted at the age of 9, now I come to find out I have this Liver disease. Oh well, there's nothing I can to about it.
I have taken Bentyl for almost 10 years now, seems to be the only medicene that works for me. I have tried Levsin, that worked for a short period of time.
Quote from irishdude1981:
yeah my doc prescribed bentyl for me and i use it on and off, its works but not that great thats why i turned to natural pills that work alot better..

What are the natural supplements you use that work better than bentyl. I'd like to try them.