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there are lots of cross uses for meds
one i can think of for nerve pain is amitriplene in small doses it can also help with itches from nerve endings starting to heal
i also didn't notice anything for tummy troubles which is also common for back pain sufferes on lots of meds. Bentyl can settle the tummy that with amitiplene can help calm things down as well.
Tremors are often correlated with seziures though not in same catagory usualy brought on by nerve pain ignored undertreated, or some times indetermined.
There are simple things that do not have huge side affects the anit seizure meds have. Beta blockers in small clinic dosages 10mg should help not only with pain but also muscle spams. Most docs wouldn't have trouble with offering those as alternatives. They do offer lots of added benifits too.
Sometimes "cotails are needed" to treat various situaitons and help make it easier.