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well i really just have it with diarrhea, but i do go to the bathroom alot everyday and my bowel movements are small or diarrhea. yeah i also get bad pains, bloated and excess gas. yeah my facial rash comes and goes and it gets pretty red but doesn't really hurt it irritates me though. i don/t think i had any inflammation yet. i got a colonoscopy done like a month ago and everything was fine but i do have ibs. i have taken alot of meds and all for ibs just to see what works the best. i do take hyoscyamine sometimes, also sometimes take bentyl. i also have taken fiber stuff called citricel which i take only sometimes. but right now i take these aloe pills everyday which have helped me out the best so far but every now and then i'll take the 2 meds my doc gave me when i need them. i can't stand these pains and gas. haven't gotten bad pains in a while but i do get alot of gas which i hate. i thought i had colitis cause my dad has it and my twin brother has something too. he won't get tested but i think he has what i got ibs. oh and i even take anxiety pills to reduce stress which triggers the pains and all. it is good to talk to people that are going through the samething as i'am.