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Hello everyone,

Alex, Congrats on your colonoscopy. Go celebrate this weekend!

I am sorry I have not been back with an update from my GI appt. My computer crashed and was not an easy fix so I went and purchased a new laptop last night. Just now, getting back on the net, email, etc. Very frustrating.

Anyhow, I saw my original GI doc yesterday afternoon. I went in prepared to argue about how I felt, my symptoms, possible dx, and a colonoscopy appt.

He came in and sat down with me and asked my symptoms, length of problems, talked about the ct scan. Spent about 20 minutes talking. He said he is a bit concerned that I have an infection due to being on the strong antibiotics for 30 plus days for the possible diverticulitis. He feels they may have destroyed my immune system which in turn has caused an internal infection. I have to say, while this sounds plausible, it is BS. I have had these symptoms since July, before the long round of antibiotics and the ct scan showed no sign of infection. He wants me to do 3 stool samples in the little plastic bottles and he is having the lab analyze for infection. If there isn't an infection (and we all know there will not be) he commented that he will have to look at my colon. I wasn't sure exactly what he meant by that so I asked him what it meant and he said he felt he should schedule a colonoscopy. Wow..I was surprised that he did not go into the excuse of my having one 4 years ago. While he did not say it, I did feel he felt like that was irrelevant. Hooray for him.

I expected him to do an exam and to perform a digital exam after reading everyone's experiences here. He did not even have me undress or put on a gown. I sat in a chair for a consult for 15 minutes and laid on a table for literally 3 minutes while he pushed on the area that hurts.He did not even have me unbutton my pants. I just do not understand this. Would he not want to feel for swollen nodes, feel the rectal area....?

I asked him how soon we could have the colonoscopy and he will not order it until the stool samples are back so he told me to plan on at least 2 weeks out. He prescribed Bentyl for spasms but so far, it hasn't made any difference.

So, I am getting there but it is such a slow go. I can completely understand why a stage 1 cancer could turn into a stage 3 while we wait on drs to actually listen and do something.

Can you tell I am happy but still a bit frustrated.....

I want answers, I want to know what is happening to my body, I want to get started fixing what is wrong....sigh! More waiting, more pain, more worry and fear.

Thanks for listening. I would love to hear what you all think about my visit.

Blessings and Happy Weekend!