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Thanks for the reply. Also thanks to you Sunnydaze.
Gingerblossom, I have a few questions if you don't mind. How did you know that your bladder prolapse was severe enough to have surgery and a hysterectomy? Did you have the tests at a Urologist? I did, but the nurse said that I did well with the bladder cystometrics, but the Urologist examined me and said that I have dropped. What were your symptoms? I feel like something is "between my legs" even though my bladder isn't hanging out. I have been having cramping so I have been taking Bentyl. I urinate a lot and have had a few accidents when I laugh.
I'm curious to see if my Gyne suggests a hsterectomy. The Urologist said that it's "his call!" (My Gyne). Do bladder lifts usually go along with hysterectomies? How long were you laid up recuperating or off work? I really don't know what to do about either surgery!
Thanks for any help!