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hi vickie---being a diabetic i eat really healthy. i have my moments but 95% of the time i am good. have had acid reflux since a child so i don't eat fried, greasy foods. and tomatoe products rip me up. don't drink carbonated drinks at all and only have an alcoholic drink on occassion. i do smoke and have tried numerous times to quit and have lost it. i never noticed a lessening of symptoms even when i have quit for 1 year. i took a round of steroids for an injury in may and had that followed by some nsaids. plus the overwlming stress i have be under i don't think helped. the speech therapist in on my last test told me to make sure i take all meds with a full drink of water not a swallow. well i have done the swallow enough to get them down for years os i think the were probably all dissolving in my esophagus. dr. just prescribed bentyl for me to be used for spasms. the smoking has to go and i know it but it is so hard. also working on some positve wasy to deal with th stress. don't knowif any of this will help but i will try anything i cna to at least get this under control. thanks for your help.