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It drives me crazy that there really isn't a place for Crohn's Disease on these boards! I've been a member since May '06 and I haven't visited in awhile. In that time, I can't seem to find the old threads I had posted on before.

Anyway, I was diagnosed with Crohn's (finally) this past November. My doctors started me with Bentyl for the cramping and Budesonide to treat the Crohn's. After 2 months, that hasn't helped. So, as of yesterday, I was switched to Pentasa.

Has anyone had any success for treating Crohn's? If so, with what medications? I'm still having a difficult time adjusting to living with Crohn's and any/all advice, suggestions, etc would be helpful. OR, if there are any other Crohn's threads, I'd appreciate a link!

Hi there,

Thanks for posting.
I actually started out on Budesonide, which is Endocort. (Endocort is the generic version). I was on Budesonide for 2 months without any changes at all.

They just switched me to Pentasa (along with Bentyl for cramping) but I'm having such a difficult time. The Pentasa is making me EXTREMELY nauseous. I'm hoping that I get used to it and that will end.

Good luck to you!