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good morning all-----I have had reflux since i was ten. I am 53. always under control with an occassional flare up if i eat something i shouldn't. smoke too much ( I know) take a med that effects the stomach, or am under lots of stress, they are my triggers. For the past 2 years maybe 3 times a year a would get this horrendous pain in my lower jaw that went down my thorat into my chest. wipes me out. told the PCP a couple of times and finally he told me if it happens again he wasted me to see a cardio. In the meantime I had an irregular EKG and ECHO. saw the cardio and did a stress test. heart is fine. This got progressivley worse and I began to have problems swallowing. always the feeling of something in my throat. Have seen 2 different ENT's one told me I had some swelling behind my voice box. have an enlarged thryoid but no one feels this is causing it and cancer of the thyroid has been outruled. Have had every test under the sun done and no answers. finally I went to see my neuro for something unrelated and mentioned it to him. He said he believes it's esophageal spasms because of the jaw pain and TMJ being outruled. My PCP then presscribed Bentyl as needed along with my prevacid. I still have attack if I eat something i shouldn't but they're not as frewuent. the swallowing problem is still there. 2 weeks before the swallowing problem started I suffered a neck injury and had to take steroids. I believe they made it worse. I ahve always had a problem taking any sort of anti-inflammatory drugs. 1-2 days and I am in full blown pain. Wishing all the best. it's a horrible pain that travel all over the upper body. scary at times. It's still a mystery to me how to treat it as I haven't gotten much relief from the Bentyl.