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thank you for talking to me. this is day 32 postop. pain clinic unable to offer anything. stumped them too. rx for doxipine but didn't start that. pc doc said she thinks it's a bizzarre reaction to botox which is a neuro toxin&all i'm describing is neuromuscular. put me on bentyl-smooth muscle relaxer. it has helped tremdously.still some bad days-took my first pain pill in 9 days fri. nite then a really good day yesterday. pain about a 6 today. just took 2nd Bentyl of the day. this has certainly been a journey. trying to stay tough.
the doc said the bentyl would prevent future fissures &hopefully relax things enough to heal the postop fissure&roid. I had been on high doses of robaxin-a skeltal muscle relaxant this bentyl is so much better. how long does it take to heal?