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thanks guys. I was starting to think I was alone. You see I had my gallbladder out last August. Now they think I have something called Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction and thats probably what caused my GB to go bad in the first place.

My IBS has been with me since I was about 20-joy. I don't get diahreah-I get the other kind. Ive tried diets, food changes, supplements, etc. I do take prilosec-have for a number of years. Without it, I cant eat anything because of the reflux. So, I have no idea what to do now or where to turn.

When I get these really bad attacks, they are all right sided. The stabbing pains come and go and mostly when I am laying down but they don't last too long (thank God). I do use a hot water bottle and I alternate with ice packs too-that does help.

What causes the one sided symptoms with IBS like these? Why does Bentyl sometimes make it worse?

No, I wont committ suicide-im 35 and have 3 young kids. however, living in constant pain-how do people cope with it?