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I hope you can make the best decision for yourself. I am sort of in the same boat as you. I have to have my Gall bladder out, and I am afraid of the anesthesia. I think we always hear all of the horror stories, but most of the time everything goes OK.

I had a phobia of medication for a long time. Due to some allergic reactions I've had. I've really had to work through it, and I have. I started out having to take some meds due to a neurological condition I had. I overcame another big hurdle the last two times I was in the ER. I was given Phenegren, Zofran, Morphine, and three other meds (at that point I didn't care). Monday night I was give Demerol, Bentyl, and zofran. I did great with those meds too.

I have to admit, I didn't like the weird feelings it gave me at first...you know the real drugged out feeling. But, within a few minutes I was used to it, and I was glad that I was finally comfortable.

One thing you might do is to tell them your concerns. Maybe they could start out giving you a small dose to see how well you tolerate it, then increase the dose. That's what the Doctor did during my first ER visit. They said I really should have some pain medicine, and I said I was sort of afraid to, so they said they would start out just giving me a really small dose, then add more later. That's what they did, and I had no problems. I appreciated the fact that they respected my fears, and really tried to help me through them.

Sorry about the novel, but I do understand.

Good luck!