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Constipation and indigestion are very common complaints with chemo. Senokot
is good because it is gentle. You do not want to get diarrhea as you do not
want to become dehydrated. If you are having reflux Prevacid is good or Nexium. If you have spasms in your intestines or Irritable Bowel Bentyl is very good. Always drink plenty of water during your chemo as it helps to alleviate
any irritation to your bladder. I guess you know by now eatting fried foods isn't good. If you are really suffering eat scrambled eggs, broth and bland food for
a few days. Drink plenty of water and avoid citrus so you do not add to the
acid in your stomach.

Three things you want to be aware of while you are going through chemo in regards to your blood work are your White blood cells (WBC's) ,The wbc's determine if you have a bacterial or viral infection. Normally when you have chemo the white cells will decrease and make you suspectible to infection.If your white count goes down to a critical level they will give you Neupogen.
Your red blood cells along with your hemoglobin and hematicrit will sometimes
drop to levels that you will need Procrit. When these levels are low that means you have anemia secondary to chemo or that you may be bleeding.
The last thing that can become low are your platelets. Platelets are crtitical
for your clotting. Some patients will never have any problems with any of these becoming critical. In some cases it is determined by the type of chemo you are getting, your general health, age, etc. My mother had all kinds of
problems with her chemo because of her age and she had chronic kidney failure. My brother who had the same chemo had no problems at all and gained 25 lbs or more. It just depends on the status of the patient prior to getting ill that determines how well they do. Most people who are younger and in your age group do well for the most part. It is always good to know when they say that your blood work is good what they really mean. Just
be aware of your body and if something does not seem right tell your health care provider.

Best to you