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I am in the middle of something myself that isn't diagnosed yet and have similiar symptoms. This is what I have had done: 2 CT scans of abdomin and pelvic (ask for this if you haven't had one already - this is the "golden" test that will tell all) ultrasounds, get the colonoscopy - I was scared to death - let me tell you but ITS YOUR LIFE and you need to NOT BE SCARED - it ended up being nothing! They put you out so you don't even remember a thing - you wake up and your a bit groggy (I don't even remember who dressed me :) but I was fine by the drive time home. I also had the EDG (scope with camera down the throat) I had that done at the same time as the colonscopy so again, I didn't remember a thing. I also swalled a "camera pill" a pill with a camera on it to take 2 pics every second of your small intestine. After all this, countless blood tests, chest xrays and 2 CT scans, nobody has found anything. Although I am releaved I still have my symptoms which are: ABDOMINAL PAIN, LEFT RIGHT UPPER AND SIDES - ITS DIFFERENT ALL THE TIME IN DIFFERENT AREAS, BLOATING (LIKE 3 MONTHS PREGNANT) BACK PAIN - ALL OVER BACK PAIN - I DO HAVE TO SAY THOUGH ONLY LOOSE STOOLS - NO RUNNING TO THE BATHROOM SEVERAL TIMES A DAY. I am currently taking Bentyl which settles your colon. Maybe ask your Dr if you can try that. Hope you feel better soon - but I'd go have your colonoscopy done. I know its strange to have someone shoving a tube up your butt but believe me, Dr's don't look at it that way - that is their JOB!