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Well, my ultrasound was normal...no stones, no signs of ANYTHING being wrong. My MD is still convinced it is my gall bladder so I have a HIDA scan scheduled for next week (which I am afraid of...I don't do well with needles at all). And she is sending me directly to a GI specialist for further care. She also mentioned that it could be spasms in the biliary ducts? If it is that, she said surgery wouldn't help. She gave me a script for Bentyl to help with the pain (if coming from spasms), but I'm not about to test the waters and go eat a high fat meal.

I put this off for so long...having this looked into and now it seems like it's taking forever to get answers. The MD was thoroughly surprised when the U/S was normal. But she is concerned about the right upper quadrant pain, precipitated by fatty foods, and the pain migrating to underneath that right shoulder blade.

Anyone know how long it takes to get HIDA scan results? Just wondering...and how bad is it? I'm afraid I'm going to get really sick from it.