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For seven months in 2005 I had constant abdominal pain that would increase often into debilitating pain that left me curled up in a ball most of the time and unable to stand up straight. Bowel movements brought me to tears. It was horrible. Everyone thought I was crazy and just didn't want to work! Two specialists ran numerous tests, all of which came back negative.

Finally, I went on a search for my own. After two months of testing with him, he decided something was wrong, and he wanted to find out what, so he did exploratory surgery. The finding wasn't good. One foot of my small intestine leading into a half foot of my large intestine was covered in polyps growing upon each other causing blockage.

As I was told, I would have problems, but mild. In June, it started again and escalated back to that point. I was in the bathroom 2-3 times per hour for 10-20 minutes at a time.

I have had most of the same tests run and still just negatives, my new specialist (as I have moved over 200 miles since) deducted it to IBS.

I have constant pain in my lower abdomen, predominantly worse on my right side than my left. I can only be active for a couple of hours at a time before I'm bent over double and can't hardly put any pressure on my right leg because it sends pain into my gut. My upper abdomen is sore a lot as well this time. I have cut back on eating, mostly bread products, and have lost nearly 20 pounds in doing so, but the pain isn't as bad this way. I am on bentyl to control the spasms and I have vicodin for pain, which doesn't work much. Again, curling up does help, or at least keeping my right leg drawn up close to me.

Can someone help me? Can IBS really be this bad? Should I be looking for something else?

I just got a referral to another gastroenterologist, but can't be seen for two more weeks! I'll have to deal with this pain for two more weeks, but could this be IBS?

Thanks in advance for your help.